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Roster logic


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May 1, 2002
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Here is some roster logic:

Wanny has mentioned that he could go with just 7 linemen; Jerman could go to practice squad and McKinney and Spriggs can cover every line position.

There are currently 11 dbs and that may stay the same with Madison hobbled, but I anticipate that once a nickel and dime cb is set, a player will go via trade or release. It would be a huge gamble (no pun there) to release Lowe (you noticed how quick someone signed Andrew). Harrison or Green seem more viable options for practice squad than Lowe, even if the logic is based on potential alone. With that said, after watching Buckley play last nite I would consider signing a veteran (such as Knight).
At safety, I just do not know the stability of Gamble's and Wooden's roster spots. Gamble's special teams play with his speed to play a dime back may save his spot. Biggest question mark to me on the entire roster is DB and how movement will impact the roster.

Receivers and tight ends seem generally set. It is obvious the Dolphins feel good about Clark, thus the release of Draper. I think Johnson will be evaluated with great attention over the next few games. I think he has great potential and more quickness than any other returner I have seen play for Miami in the last several seasons. However, fumbles will not be tolerated.

Running backs are set (Period).

Quarterbacks are set (Period).

Defensive line may still see some activity. The former Titan DT was in today and he very well may be signed which might move Romero to the practice squad. Otherwise, I expect the rest of the d-line to be set.

Linebacker is a bit of a puzzle. I get the sense that Miami will evaluate talent throughout the season. Hendricks may be set, but I am not so sure about the remaining two back-up spots.

Kickers are set (period).

Any feedback is appreciated.

I think we should move Hendricks to OLB and sign a more natural MLB who can hit and make a few plays.

We can slide one of the other OLB to cover spot in nickel D if Zach went down and our new backup MLB can'r cover much.
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