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Russel & Spielman Interview

Thanks guys. I hope u guys enjoy the interviews cause I won't do another one till after the seasons done. lol.
Good McMicheals called Showtime..I hope we have a helluva show this year...would love to see him in the endzone 8-10 times this year..that's great production from that position. but what I really want to see is CC McMicheal and Mcknight..that should really scare a D..with RW and Konrad coming out of the backfield..that is more speed and hands that the law should allow..I can't remember that type of speed since the Marks Brothers. And yes McKnight will catch the ball..I'm sure of that this year.

I like what TWAN said about the most underrated player on this stellar DOLPHIN DEFENSE!! TIM BOWENS!! Really I couldn't agree anymore!! This guy has been nothing but solid since he was drafted in 94' and everyone was dumbfounded when we took him and proved to be a solid 1st round selection!! I think he is the most UNDERRATED DT's in the game!! He did make it to HAWAII once though he should have been there at least 3 more times!!
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