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May 25, 2003
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Charlotte, NC
OK, so we don't know for sure if Ricky is coming back or not. Lots of rumors say he is. But let's play pretend.

Imagine the mismatches our offense would create with those two guys on the field at the same time. They both are very fast, powerful and explosive runners. They both have great hands. Talk about opening up some HUGE screen plays. I was just imagining a fake screen to one side then going to the other. Having these two on the field with Chambers, Booker, and McMichael would seriously stretch the defense thin. Linehans offense already spreads the defense out. It will open up the defense for big plays down field, draw plays, etc...
Some of you may be angry at Ricky, but you'd be lying (and stubborn) if you said the prosects of having them both on the field doesn't excite you.
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