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Ryan Leaf.....the movie?

Strangely, Leaf hasn't denounced the project -- he even left open the posibility of a cameo when Carr contacted him.
“I was bracing to get cursed out,” admits Carr, who stressed to Leaf that while the movie would show all his foibles, it wouldn’t be a hatchet job.​
In other words, Leaf will be portrayed as an incompetent a-hole, but he'll be portrayed as an incompetent a-hole fairly.

Poor Ryan Leaf.....but he should look on the bright side...his name will always be remembered
Please erase that guys last name --- just call him cryin ryan....ughhh..thanks for ruining my day.
As a defense to our front office--half of the other GM's in the league ALSO thought that dude would be better than Manning.

I still have the SI cover story comparing the 2 and no doubt- that dude is better.

FINdestructible said:
Why don't they make the Todd Marinovich & Brian Bosworth stories. :confused: :lol:


It's his life story, yep...it actually happened :lol: :tongue:
When they were first drafted i traded my Manning rookie card to my friend for a Leaf rookie card. What a mistake that was.:boohoo:
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