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S Alexander trade


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Mar 31, 2005
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What would you guys think if KC gave up their 2nd and we use it to get Alexander. We should be able to afford him if we unload Surtains cap. Then we can look at other options in the draft, possibly DT
Not a bad idea but i still diagree. Running backs typically don't last long and with the dept at running back this yeay why wouldn't we take a back that we can use for at least 5-7 years? A running back could be had in the later rounds, i think we should go Aaron Rodgers or Alex Smith in the first.
Terrible move IMO. Alexander and Edge are way overpriced. I don't think Alexander is an all around explosive back like Edge. I also think Edge is very much a me and money guy. Neither would be role model team players that I think Miami wants. Draft a young back at some point and build the line. The running game will come. Linehan's system is a 3 wide spread the ball arond offense. No more pound it down your throats approach. They are better off with a Faulk type of back. Edge fits that style but he is an idiot IMO. He's more concerned with $$ than W's.
What about the DT position? I havent heard much about it for the draft. Doesnt anyone think we need some serious help there? Timbo is not going to hold up and Zgonia is all but gone.
Yea but there is value in the 2nd round for DT and even later on. Mike Patterson can be had in the 2nd and so could Luis Castillo too if he falls far enough. Alexander is not worth it considering how much money he is going to want.
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