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Saban is going to make me fail out or college


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Jul 19, 2004
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North Carolina
Man, over like the last week and a half I've been coming to this web page to find out what is going, if anything with the Dolphins. I have slept through three of my morning classes this week because I'm up until 3am on here reading what everyone has posted, and then spend another hour thinking about trade scenerios and who we will draft. I mean I just woke up and am suppose to be in my Eastern Religions class now! Whenever I do make it to class after my professors start talking about the material, I start making mock drafts roster predictions. I am happy that this Surtain thing is done, this will help, hopely. I mean for the last six years or so I've made a few mock drafts and learn who I thought Miami would take, but it has never been this bad. I also know that my g/f is pissed because I've kicked her off her TV twice this week to watch ESPN draft specials. I can not wait until tomorrow at 12!! Once it is all over hopefully this madness will end.
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