Saints Bridgewater, Jaguars Or Dolphins Could Make Plays


Aug 27, 2010
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New York
Plopped this in the General because there's enough QB rumors flying around the main forum and I really don't want a pre-knee injured QB and they are expecting Teddy to stay in New Orleans.


Teddy Bridgewater expected to stay with Saints, Dolphins Jaguars could make plays.

Teddy Bridgewater didn't see a lot of action last season for the Saints while backing up Drew Brees, but that doesn't mean he's not drawing interest. Bridgewater, who the Saints acquired in a trade with the Jets last year, is a free agent this season, and there are some teams with holes at quarterback that could kick the tires on him.

According to NFL insider Jason La Canfora, the Dolphins and the Jaguars are among those teams. Both appear to be interested in moving on from their respective starters, and Bridgewater is thought to be one of the better offseason quarterback options in a slim season for QBs in the draft. However, according to La Canfora, the predominant thought around the league is that Bridgewater will ultimately stay with the Saints if the Jags or Dolphins go in a
different direction.
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