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Sam Adams signed Sunday

Heard about it. 6 yr deal that works out to a 1 yr deal. Kinda strange but hey whatever floats your boat.
I really hope to see the Raiders go to cap hell next year a' la Baltimore. I'd LMAO if they finished 8-8 or worse this year; utter comedy.
Who knows what they'll do after Gruden. They're making a bigger committment to get the running game going this year than under Gruden (though Gruden's rushing attack perennially was one of the best in the league).

Norv and Jon are a lot alike. Both have made good names for themselves as offensive coordinators, and both are often pidgeonholed as great passing offense designers when truth be told both would prefer to rush the ball effectively first and foremost, and both have enjoyed a great deal of success forming a running game.
I dont think the raiders are going to be in cap hell cause all there guys are old and there grooming young guys to take over anyway. They have a good young QB, WR, two corners, maybe a good lb and they still have an extra first rounder and extra second rounder coming.
Was Oakland the team thats suppose to be like 30 or 40 million over the cap?
Originally posted by ckparrothead
From the looks of the deal, its probably more than we could or were willing to offer.

Yes weren't you the one saying that no one was going to offer him more then 1.5 million and scoffed when other people said it would be more in the 2-3 million range? Just some food for thought for the next time you feel the need to rub something in someones face everytime a particular subject comes up ;)
Raiders | Adams A One-Year Rent

12:54 PT: Updating previous reports, Len Pasquarelli for reports Oakland Raiders DT Sam Adams will probably be with the team for only one season, even though the deal he signed is for six years. He receives a $1.25 million signing bonus and a base salary of $750,000 this season, making it basically a one-year, $2 million deal. The Raiders would have to pay him a $5 million roster bonus in March to keep him with the team, plus base salaries of $5 million for 2003-2007.
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