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Aug 11, 2004
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Madison is on with Joe rose right now if anyone is interested.
He just basically said he VERY happy with Nick in charge and that things were chaotic with Wanny in charge. T_Buck was on with him and he's trying to get signed with the fins. Sam wants Pat to be around but if he's not there he'll move on. Likes the new offseason program alot better. Good interview.
WEEZEL said:
. T_Buck was on with him and he's trying to get signed with the fins. .

Which T-Buck you are talking about..Terrel Buckley or I'm confusing this with an old thread of Tebucky Jones trying to sign with the fins.
Good to hear that he likes things better.
Sam is awesome. The Smartest Corner in the league by far. I remember years ago the Dolphins were playing the Titans and Sam Madison read McNairs eyes and broke off his reciever and had 3 picks that game. He was incredible in that game. He wasnt even covering the guy the ball was thrown to and he still came up with the int's
Terrell buckley is an afc east whore

True but he does know the Fins players well and the defensive scheme that Saban brings. For vet min he'd be welcome in my book.
ChambersNBoston said:
Terrell buckley is an afc east whore

I agree however he makes plays. I"ve said for awhile this guy is underrated. As a nickel or dime back he has so much experience it's crazy to not bring him in. He always seems to want to play in Miami but Wanny has been reluctant to pay him. Of course Wanny will throw money at some other stiffs but IMO T-Buck is worth the low $ he will get. As a zone guy Why Not? I can't imagine Mario Edwards is better. IF Surtain is traded T-Buck would be a great pickup if we don't grab a DB in the draft.
I was also listening.... Sam Madison was estatic about Saban coming in here, and it didn't sound like the usual lip service they used to pay Wannsuck. Seems like a lot of the players are believing in Saban and his system. Having T-Buck around would be a nice insurance policy if Surtain is eventually traded. Madison and T-Buck would groom our younger CB's. Can't wait for the season to get started...
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