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Sam Madison's Future


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Aug 6, 2004
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Athens, GA
What is ol' Sammy's cap numbers? Do you guys think he will retire a dolphin or what? I sure hope he does, I've always liked him and he has given the dolphins some great years. If we did decide to trade him in the future, what kind of value will he hold? Thoughts?
i hope we keep him also but if we do trade him we will most likely get a late second or thrid if we traded him now
He just restructured last year to make his hit somewhat manageable.

Madison's cap hit this year is $3.42 million.
Next year it's also $3.42... and in 2007 (his last year) it's 4.5 million.

I think he stands a fairly good chance at staying aboard. He wouldn't really be worth cutting due to the cap hit till after next year, IMO. I suppose it depends on how well he can perform at his current level given his advanced age (never thought I'd refer to a 31 year old as advanced in age).
I don't see him leaving any time soon. Madison IMO will at least play out the remainder of his contract, which is through the 2007 season(3 more years).
by 2007 its time to let him age 34 you have lost most of your prime speed and become more fragile...seems weird saying that about a person who is in their early to mid
MelbournePhin said:
whatever happens, we all know that the man has earned his $$
Yes to that. I want him to retire a Dolphin. I don't think his skills will diminish enough to warrant cutting him before his contract expires.
jaxdolfan said:
Madisons cap hit is nothing.

For example, George Bush's cap hit is 3 trillion.
Hey, enough with the political sh1t!!:D
jaxdolfan said:
Madisons cap hit is nothing.

For example, George Bush's cap hit is 3 trillion.

ba doom psshhh
I was really having doubts towards the beginning of last season whether Sam Madison would be on this team this year. With all the Surtain trade talks going on, there was always the possiblity of losing both Surtaind and Madison. And what baffled me the most was, some people we're okay with that... I knew losing Surtain would be a big loss, but we had to do it for financial reasons. As for Sam, I think he was a MUST KEEP and I'm glad he's still on the team. I don't expect him to be released or traded or anything like that... I really do think that he will play here until his contract is up.

His contract ends up in 2007, I believe someone said and he'll be 34 years old. I think by than it might be time to let him go as much as I hate to say it. But there's also the possibility that we can re-sign him to an affordable price or give him an extension and work out restructuring his contract or something along those lines. I'm not sure if Vet MIN would be out of the question, but I would love for Sam Madison to retire a Dolphin.
His cap hit really isn't bad, plus he is still a pretty good DB.
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