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San Diago Chargers Trading Block


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Jun 20, 2004
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PM me with any trade ideas you may have-especially these players

Billy Volek QB
Donnie Edwards LB

Tomlinson and Merriman are available but be prepared to trade a PLAYERS of like production and at least TWO top picks
the cowboys have more interest in donnie edwards than new orleans.
To update some previous offers

Cromartie-round he is worth (1) or player of like standing

MCneil-same deal as above
Rhonde Barber and Brian Kelly are on the block for the right price if you're looking for any corner help.
ok gentlemen ther is an overwhelming amount of offers for Philip Rivers and L. Castillo

so they are now officially on the block for the right price
OK EVERYBODY LOOKS LIKE I AM TAKING TOMLINSON AND MERRIMAN OFF THE BLOCK so everybody else can be had just not tomlinson and merriman
i have two first round picks that can be had at the right price-might be looking to move in the top ten...and NO Tomlinson and Merriman are NOT for sale-they will both be Chargers when this season is wrapped up
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