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Screw Dg!!!


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Jul 20, 2002
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Listen up...DG was an integral part of our team when he was here (healthy or not) make no mistake about it, but he is gone now....he wears a different uniform. I don't give a rats ass what he has to say about our team. He got the pink slip from Wanny for being a disruptive figure to the team and you know what he is clearly demonstrating to everyone that Wanny was right all along; he has shown how disruptive and unprofessional he can be by the remarks he has made and by the way he has conducted himself so far. Sure there have been other players that have gotten in trouble and have been distractions to the team, but I am sure that there was more to it in his case that warranted the type of action that was taken against him. Our vantage point as spectators limits us from formulating any type opinion on why it happened; hence the old saying: "No one knows whats in the pot, except the cook". What those reasons were, I DON'T CARE. My point is that letting DG go was a judgement call by the coach, so only HE knows the real reasons for giving him the AX... and fittingly so... He is the man in charge not DG or anybody else for that matter. Will his absence hurt our team's aspirations for the season....only time will tell. But I do know this, the DOLPHINS are my team and anything they do, wether right or wrong I will support! It's all part of being Loyal. I am in the ARMY and wether or not I agree with what the upper echelon in the ARMY thinks or decides I WILL SUPPORT IT AND REMAIN LOYAL. So if DG wants to bump his gums about my team...go right ahead as far as I'm concearned he is the ENEMY now. So SCREW DG any anyone else that does not support our team!!!:fire:
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Jesus what a loser ! I am soooo gald he is gone ...this guy has been a total moron for at least the last two years and he has proven it again ...I found his comments to be childish and immature ,but what else would you expect from an underachiever like him. His attitude will not cut it with Spurrier either so I give him one year and out of the league...This guy acts like he deserves some kind of undying respect ..and i just dont see it he was mediocre over the course of his carreer and often opened his mouth only to have the other teams shove those words down his throat. He knows he is at the end is a bitter piece of crap in my mind body talks Zach down and he is trying to blame anybody for his release ...Sad to see a supposedly grown man act like a third grader..good luck Daryl dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya ...Loser .
For those who haven't read it.

My favorite quote is:

"If Dave was a people person, we wouldn't be sitting around here having these problems. … Dave has to be in control. When it came to me, Dave couldn't be in control. If you pay me this much money, you are not going to make me a robot."

Um MORON, Dave IS IN CONTROL, and I don't give a rusty rats ass how much money you make, you are a player, and he is the COACH!

What a freaking idiot.

I hopnestly think D.G. is suffering from a mental illness.

I wonder if he was tipsy during the interview. Who has bottles of liquor in their training room. Sounds good, have a shot of Jack than do squats. He may be strong as a bull but makes you wonder if drinking is one of his problems. This article was all sour grapes. Time for him to move on.
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