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The Human Bullet
Sep 2, 2001
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Well overall we looked fairly decent. Brent Smith looked awful, and I think there either needs to be a change there, or he needs to get it right.

Ricky had like 2 or 3 carries, with not much to really brag about.

Highlights were Lenard Henry ran tough, Chambers made a highlight endzone catch. Rob Konrad caught a ball and took a shot and a half, but got back up.

Lucas started out cold, and then warmed up some in the two minute drill. (TE)McMicheal looked really good, and should get some good playing time in our system.

Defense at one point had like three sacks in one series. We were getting good pressure against O Donnell when he was in there.

It was good work, and if it weren't for Brent Smith getting his butt handed to him in the opening series against Kearse, the whole thing was a good show.
I say just move Dixon over and let him get used to it. I really want Jamie Nails in there plowing for Ricky......
I thought overall Miami played well.
Ricky actually had a nice run before the touchdown pass to Chambers.
The George touchdown was debateable according to Zach Thomas...
and several other players looked good.
Brent Smith had his problems, but he apparently did some good work over the past two days...
with Nails looking really good, it kinda of looks like Dixon will be moved out to tackle.
McMichael made some nice catches...
and Konrad dropped a ball and made a nice catch.

Backup DT Henry Taylor did some really nice work even if it was against scrubs.
The pass rush line of J. Taylor, J. Williams, R. Burnett and D. Bowens looked awesome during the 3rd down/two minute drill.

Hard to tell anything on a scrimmage...
but the best news was that I didn't hear about any injuries,
although I think one of the announcers mentioned something about Omare Lowe pulling a hamstring in practice.

Anyhow, my video feed was pretty good and I enjoyed seeing some football action.
The defense looked good in the two-minute drill because it pitted our first-team defense against their third-team offense.

All in all, there were some good things, but there is a long way to go yet, and at this point we may not be as good as we thought.
No were truly a mediocre team today. But remember the Titans were one of best teams year before last and are getting healthy and not as much bad luck so it was against a good team.

I am concerned about O-line and run D still.
Now was the worst time for Brent Smith to look bad. This was really a tryout to see if the coaches should start moving Dixon over to LT. They're going to take a look at all the tape from this series of scrimmages and decide where they are going to go with the OL and the players I feel bad for are Leon Searcy and Brent Smith because neither of them got fast starts in training camp and are likely going to find themselves on the outside looking in from here out.
CK, how can you say that about Searcy? From everything that has ben written so far, Searcy was impressive in the mini-camps, and is right there in the mix for the RG starting spot. Now, I heard that he had a couple of slow practices, but this could have been due to rust.

As for B. Smith, the jury is definitely still out on him. I hate to do a lot of switching around of guys this late in the game, but we just may see a few moves still on the OL.

As opposed to Leon, most of what I have heard on Smith so far in camp, is that he is not looking anywhere ready to compete at a high level. I have NEVER really been sold on Smith as a starter. Good "swing" type backup lineman, but just not good enough to play at a consistent starter's level.

Definitely, THE most important concern of the team at this moment is the LT starting spot. They need to figure out something quick, while they still have time to get the chemistry down among the guys.
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