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Searcy injury not as bad as thought, but will he get cut now?


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May 24, 2002
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This from ESPN's John Clayton...

Aug. 31, 2002
Dolphins' Searcy might not be lost for season
The Dolphins received some better news on the medical condition of backup guard Leon Searcy that might be able to salvage some of his season. Searcy has a partial tear of a triceps muscle. That leaves the possibility that Searcy could come back in six weeks. That doesn't necessarily mean Searcy will make the Dolphins' 53-man roster. The team is deciding whether or not to do an injury settlement with him and then possibly bring him back 10 weeks into the season. A decision will come Sunday.

Odd....we would definitely need another lineman.
I would rather them do that than waste a roster spot on a guy who can't play for 6 weeks...he'd still be on the team the same amount of time you know?
This move wouldn't make much sense to me. First of all, didn't Searcy sign for the veteran minimum? If that's so, once you give him an injury settlement, and then if you're able to resign him to veteran minimum again, you haven't saved a whole lot, if anything. Depending on how bad Miami needs him 6-10 weeks from now, he may cost a bit more than what he's getting now.

If Miami released Searcy, I'd doubt he'd want to come back to Miami anyways. He's already pi$$ed that he didn't make the starting line-up, he'd probably be pi$$ed about being cut in order to save a handful of dollars.

I think if Miami does release Searcy, it will be with no intentions of bringing him back. If they've lost all faith in Searcy staying healthy for any length of time, that would probably be a wise move. Give him a settlement and move on. I just don't see much logic in releasing him, just to resign him in a few weeks when he's healthy enough to play.
If it were me, I'd put him on the PUP (which would render him ineligble to play for 6 weeks), thereby freeing up the roster spot. THEN I'd make a decision on him in 6 weeks. This is what I think will happen. If he's gonna be out 6 weeks anyway (which is what I've heard), it makes sense.
I agree Muck, that makes more sense. plus they can pick up another player and check him out in the mean time.
but then who will the dolphins keep instead of him?
the phins will keep spriggs , andrew and mckinney and german has an outside shot

SEARCY IS GONE TODAY FOR GOOD... they are snakebitten for sure with Mayes and smith... can't keep wasting money on injured of potentially injured players.

seem odd to you smith blew one knee then the other. seem odd to you searcy tore one tricep then the other............seem odd to you Mayes was so fat they had to carry him into spring training and he managed to get hurt coming back. Oh and he was hurt last year and the year before. When did fatso play last........???
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