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Seaverns released


Feb 4, 2002
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I would like to see him on the practice squad. Get rid of Draper he will never play I don't know why they are using up a spot on the practice squad for him.

Colts | Seaverns Released - posted at KFFL (
15:53 PT: reports the Indianapolis Colts have released LB Justin Seaverns.
Guess the Fins like Joshua Symonette better since they signed him though Indy certainly could have claimed him ahead of us...
What's wrong with keeping 2 LB prospects on the PS? Obviously, the fans like Seaverns a lot more than Wannspiel. The guy looks like he may have some talent, but Symopnette clearly outplayed him, and showed more ball awareness than Seaverns.
Symonette certainly s/b a better pass defender as a converted S (and better than S Shields as well I suppose), but wonder if he can really play the run. Then again Izzo was never one that struck me as a NFL quality MLB either.
Izzo sucked at MLB. Whenever he got a shot he either got hurt immediately or was so bad the team had to slide someone over to play MLB (Robert Jones) and play someone else outside. Izzo was a good special teams player but that's all.
Guys, Seaverns wasn't all that. He's a nice story and an emotional player. But he's way too slow and doesn't react quickly enough to compensate.
I agree Muck. He was a very nice story, a guy you pulled for, but the talent was just not there, at this point. Possibly could develop, but that is for the coaches to decide.

Still, in the back of my mind, I almost said, "could this be our next Zach"? But, obviously, once he actually stepped on the field, the thought of even comapring the two dissapeared.
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