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See you guys next year


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Sep 4, 2001
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It's been a blast. I'm sick of this ****. Another year of self destruction. I'm outta here. I may leave a goofy post once in awhile but otherwise fu(k it. cheers, jay h.

your're not alone bud, until chans outta here, so am i. i sat down to watch the game and 3 of the first 4 plays were lamar up the middle. i wish i could bring up the post i had on espn, when the fins first brought in wannstedt and chan! wanny couldn't do jack in chicago, and chan screwed dallas. every time i watch a fin game its conservative, the one time they opened it up, i had to work!

39, you seem to want the post lead, GO FOR IT! c-ya whenever!
chan deserves a nice kick in the ass! that %$#&er just screwed up my whole weekend, not to mention christmas! i'm not even gonna say, "next year", sounds too empty to me! later friends!
We knew all of this right after the 2nd Jet loss, we just wished it wasn't true. Well folks, now we know. Our coaches suck and that's that.
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