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Shawn On The Bubble...


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Jan 27, 2002
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The only news I would like to pass on so far the fact that S SHAWN WOODEN is now on the to speak....regarding the JUNE 1st cap-break date. He is making a lot more money than the OMAR LOWES and RAY GREENS on this roster...and if you couple that with the other ST/S....Mcgarrahan, and GAMBLE....well...there quite frankly is not enough room in the inn...

If GREEN continues to impress and can also play well on the special teams.....I really believe he will be deemed WOODEN's far as his role goes.

Also...speaking of special teams..... It looks like that this new undrafted punter....CASEY ROUSSEL will also be tried as a holder.....he definately did nothing to hurt far as his punting was concerned. I would say that nobody really had the edge....between ROYALS and ROUSSEL.....the coaches want to see these guys in game-time, pressure situations. It could be a battle, when its all said and done.
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