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Anyone know if he's signed yet and with who? Also, anyone tell me why he wasn't drafted. Some had him initially going in round 3. Was it all related to his slow speed or something more?
i think we passed on him cause most likely he'll have to be moved to OLB, and hed be a small OLB that saban wouldn't like...
I've just heard about it haven't seen anything yet.
I was really surprised to see he went undrafted. Not sure if he does fit Saban's scheme, but I heard some projecting him in the 2nd...
Dolphins17-0 said:
hes slow and crappy, and hes not going to get any faster

true that he's slow but the man has good instincts and can hit, imo. i feel that he has the potential of being another sammy knight. yea we got rid of sammy but i honestly love sammy's game and shazor could one day evolve into something similar.
If he's a Card, then Denny Green is having one hell of a draft.
I hope he isint a card, I would love to see him at SS for us, there are ALOT of S's that are slower than him, dont give me that crap, he will be a great S.
According to what's been posted around here:

Cardinals: signed Ernest Shazor
Broncos: signed Brandon Browner
Bengals: signed Ben Wilkerson (According to LSU board)
hes still a FA. he was projected as the 3rd best SS.

but he did not go to the combine, and had a slow 40-time in his work outs.
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