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Should we keep an eye on the Grady Jackson situation?


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May 24, 2002
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For those that have not been following the situation, Grady Jackson up in Green Bay has switched agents to Drew Rosenhaus, and, predictably, he's now asking for more money and holding out from training camp until he gets a new deal.

He's got one year left on his contract, at a salary of $665k.

Remember, things with Ross Verba happened along very similar lines and they happened very quickly. Verba all the sudden made a stink about his contract, said he'd hold out, and the Browns got rid of him.

Jackson is 32 years old, and at 6'2" 340 pounds he's a square-bodied run plugger, much like Traylor and Chester. I'm not saying he's some pro bowler, but we could sure use someone to share time with Traylor at NT especially since Traylor is threatening to melt in this heat.

The interesting thing about the Verba situation is that there was speculation from PFT that Verba had some kind of word prior to his release that some team (presumably the Texans) would offer him the money he wanted if he got his release. This would be tampering if true, and I suspect this is why there has been such a delay in the Texans' signing him.

Rosenhaus is based in Miami, takes pride in his connections with the Dolphins. Saban has been known to bend or manipulate rules where he sees fit (see hiring of Mueller). What if the coaching staff (and Randy Mueller, who once had Grady Jackson on his rosters in New Orleans), told Drew Rosenhaus that if Grady Jackson were to become available, he'd get the Phins. That would not necessarily be tampering, because Rosenhaus is not Jackson's agent. But, Rosenhaus then approaches Grady and says I can get you out of Green Bay and this $665k contract if you hold out for more money, and if they cut you like we think they will, I can land you in Miami where I know they'll pay you.

It is a conspiracy theory I know, but it does seem very fishy. If Grady Jackson wins his release from Green Bay, I bet Miami would try and sign him immediately.
I think we should keep an eye on it, and I nominate one of ck's eyes for the task.

I'd do it, but my eyes have been assigned to the cheerleaders. ;)
I can imagine Traylor melting too. Like a big chocolate man.
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