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Should we sign Chris Carter

Should we sign Chris Carter for $1.5 mil (see post) ?

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Sep 4, 2001
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Should we sign Chris Carter for $1.5 million a year even if it means cutting OG, Ward or Mck ?


Dolphins | C. Carter Note - posted at KFFL (
March 5, 2002 20:02:33 PT Kevin Seifert reports for the Star Tribune free agent WR Cris Carter (Vikings) told the Miami media today he would like to play for the Miami Dolphins. However, it does not appear the team is willing to meet his asking price of about $1.5 million annually. "Let's see if the economics can be worked out," Carter said. "If I'm not a Dolphin, it's not because I didn't want to be here or they didn't want me to be here. It's a matter of them trying to acquire players and they've only got so much under the cap." As previously noted, Carter went on to visit Cleveland and he is headed to St. Louis Wednesday.
I would take Carter over McKnight for sure! But, ONLY if we could REALLY afford it. :)
C-ya, McKnight! Chris Carter doesn't drop the ball.
Bwhahahahaha. Cut McKnight? His base salary is $1 million. Factor in the signing bonus and his cap hit would be way too high. You don't cut contracts after the first year. It's absolutely insane. Plus Carter is looking for more then 1.5 million. Cleveland is going to offer him the #2 spot and at least 2 million a year.

Our recieving core is damn good hence why they aren't taking Carter very seriously.

We line up with Chambers/McKnight on the outside and put Gagsden in the slot with Ward as the 4th reciever and Patrick Johnson as the 5th and we are rocking. Our problems last year was using Chambers as a 3rd even when we knew how good he was and putting McKnight in the slot when he is a speed guy.

Plus you put either Ricky or Warrick in at tailback and we have probably the most feared recieving corps after the Rams.
Originally posted by dofnsman4303
But think about what C. Carter can teach C. Chambers. He can really help him comin along.

Do you really think Chambers needs Carter to become one of the best WR's in the league? The kid lit the world on fire as a rookie, whose head was spinning 90% of the time. Just wait until Norv Turner gets his system in Chambers, and he gets used to the NFL.

Carter would be really nice to have, but I think we are fine at WR.
Cris Carter

I would love to see him Miami, especially to teach Chambers the ins and outs. I think he is Cleveland bound. Played college ball at Ohio St and now they signed Robert Griffin today and he and Carter are friends. Not the he wouldn't look good in a Dolphin uni though.
Just saw on ESPN that Carter talks have hit a snag in Cleveland and that he probably won't be playing in Cleveland or St. Louis next year!
Personally, I don't want Carter. Cutting someone would be absolutely ridicolous. This is Carter's last season, and if we cut someone like McKnight or Ward, who have bright futures ahead of them, then it will not solve the problem at all.

If O.J. McDuffie retires, he may come back as a coach or some sort. He is good enough to teach Chambers, and Chambers does not need too much help.

All I am saying is that if we land Kruetz and Williams, we will be ****in awesome on both sides of the ball next year.
I see your point, but I was pretty disappointed by McKnight this year. He seemed to drop a lot of balls that he should have caught and some at very bad times.

I will give McKnight his props, he can run like hell but his hands are supspect. The only thing about Carter is he catches almost everything thrown to him.

It won't happen but if it did amagine an offense of Chambers, Carter, and OG with RW out of the backfield. That would be awesome.
Chambers Doesn't Need Cryin' Carter

Originally posted by dofnsman4303
But think about what C. Carter can teach C. Chambers. He can really help him comin along.

Chris Carter's attitude is nothing that anyone on the 'Fins need- especially Chambers whose attitude is stellar. He'd be a disruption to a team that needs continuity since he still thinks he is/should be the man and he definitely is not anymore.

While his work ethic is outstanding his attitude sucks and would be nothing but a disruption.

Chambers doesn't need him, the receiving corps doesn't need him, and the team certainly doesn't need him. It's pretty much a moot point since he's going to be in Clevland next year anyway...good riddance.:yell:

:monkey:Chris Carter in Miami
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