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Mar 4, 2005
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Disclaimer: First post since before the draft. (limited unlinkable predictions): I guess I had a hunch that #34 would return, so I wanted to take Mike Williams in the draft. With that said, I am an early huge Ronnie Brown fan. Can't wait to get excited everytime he catches the ball. Hopefully the total multi-threat weapon. Once he gets some NFL confidence, it could be #23 showing #34 how to be the high profile leader on and off.

Back to the draft, its been along time since I've had such confidence in our selections. Matt Roth, your gonna get knocked around, just keep getting back up. As a kid I liked my Randy Crowder football card, it would be fitting karma that Channing shakes off the critics and develops into one of the leagues top defensive threats, showing once again Sabans savy draft strategy. In fact, it would be nice for all the new guys to kick total a$$ especially for the executives at MNF.

#34. when you come back, try to be cool, less will be more. You'll get some heat, but most of us want you to succeed, we just don't want you to embarrass the franchise. Do something good with your life, like running over safeties.

QB - I want AJ to do good, but I keep getting this feeling Ferotte will be out there. Just a feeling. Sometimes dudes in there 30's get it all together. I've never thought much of Gus, but maybe its his time. Please AJ, surprise the hell out of us.

I always believed Press Coverage....
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