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Dec 1, 2004
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Rhode Island
Greetings, My name is Steven Vasquez and as written, I am sixteen years old. I know it has not been as long as others, but I have been a DIE HARD fan of the Miami Dolphins and I have many opinions. MY resume consists of a Moses Brown Education, one of the top prep schools across the street from Brown University, which is where I would like to go and study to become a Sports Medicine Physician and hopefully get a shot at working with the Miami Dolphins Med Team. I visit at least twice a day and spend many minutes here each time. I would like to take any job possible, be it a columist position (maybe called the Sixteen Year Old Prodigy? Hook title) or whatever. I have been a member of the Miami Herald for quite some time and have made many posts, but then recently moved here to Maybe you would like opinions from a Fin Fan in New England (Rhode Island specifically, 1 hr away from Gillete Stadium) and the difficulties I must overcome as a Fin Fan in the north. Well I accept any position, and I am greatful for your time and efforts.
Thanks, Steven Vasquez
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