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Skins Trade


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Mar 29, 2005
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i say we take the 9th, 25th, and Rod Gardener for our #2, at 9 we take whichever of the big three are left (most likely Caddy), then at #25 we take Jason Campbell, boom.

we just addressed WR, RB, and QB in ONE round.

that gives us 4 to 5 picks depending on the surtain trade to address the rest of our needs, thats not too bad IMO.
interesting, i dunno bout Gardner though, he is good but prolly no better than Booker, just a different kind of reciever. I think we need a true #1. Chambers is great but he belongs in the slot.
Gardner is an overpaid underacheiver something we don't need at WR. To move to 9 and 25 I would want more picks but the Skins are just flat out. GreenMonster
Change Gardener with Santana Moss and my ears are open.
HysterikiLL said:
Change Gardener with Santana Moss and my ears are open.

Ahh Santana you have interested me as well. Ive heard that Moss hasnt gone to their "voluntary" camps either. Im sure he'd attend the ones in Miami. :D
No smart franchise would trade a guy they just traded for... My bad Skins topic... GreenMonster
I don't see the Skins trading up. I'd take any of the scenarios, but I really don't think it's going to happen.
no way we pry Moss away from them. but perhaps they throw in a 4th round pick as well, i think thats good value, i think a change of scenery and a more wide open offense would benefit Gardener. i say we pull the trigger on this unless there is still lie in the Minny trade.
Why get Santana Moss when you can get his clone Roscoe in the 3rd or 4th round?
It's not good value. Maybe if they had a third, the 2 picks, a 3rd, and something next year. It all depends on how much Saban wants to move.

I mean, you have Pac Man and Rolle, Possibly Merriman, all going in the top 10. Sitting at 9, a back could fall to 9.
Gardner isn't close to being in Booker's class. Booker is a #1. You guys will see.

I'd far rather them be after Alex Smith after the Niners don't take him so we get Ramsey, the two 1sts, and a 2006 pick for our pick and Surtain. That way, we really could have some chance at meaningfully addressing QB, WR, and RB.
yeah, we really don't need Gardner. Though if this was the only option I would definitely take it...
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