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Jan 27, 2002
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The Dolphins will soon find out.....if FLETCHER is the guy they expected when they drafted him in the first round last season.
Remember...FLETCHER held out last year before camp started...then he hurt his hamstring early on in camp.
Well...this year....the Dolphins want no excuses....they need to see FLETCHER perform he now elevates into the departing TERRY COUSIN role of slot corner.
JIM MANDICH said today....that FLETCHER's agressive style...and overall techniques are not exactly being hailed right DB coach....Mel Phillips. Mandich said that Phillips needs to really mold FLETCHER better into the Dolphins secondary far as the mental side of the game.

Is FLETCHER going to blossom this season....or will he be deemed a #1 flop....if he does not well as perhaps...COUSIN did last season...which was avove average?

There are lots of folks out there...who have E-mailed me about the possibility now of T-BUCK re-signing with the Dolphins?

Well...T-BUCK still has his home here...and loves to play Golf... and is still hanging out with many of the Dolphin Players around town. He is no hurry...and like last year....will probably see what is going on after JUNE 1st.... and yes....there is a decent chance the Dolphins would want to have him back. He has burned no bridges at all...with WANNSTEDT.

Now...back to FLETCHER?
Neither Madison or Surtain did much their rookie years. I
laugh at this instant bust lable people throw around.

His technique and aggressiveness are being questioned ?
How can Miami be surprised at either, did they not
watch any tape of him before the draft ? Surtain and
Madison are all about being aggressive, I can't see how
Fletcher being that way is some how frowned on by
Phillips. Fletcher will be fine, he played more towards the end
of the year and held his own. Miami just went with the vet
in Cousin as NFL coaches on playoff teams don't like
using rookies unless they have to or the player is so good
they can't help it.

Heck, in 2000 Cousin was a bench warmer on a bad
Falcons team, now he's the 2nd coming of D. Sanders.
Cousin was definitely non-aggressive, but he was solid. Fletch is the type of guy that should be able to shutdown a guy like Crebet or P Price or D Patten to be worthy of a #1 pick, but I agree that he will not be a bust if he can play consistently at the level Cousin did last year.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Almost all rookies last season held out when camp started.
Fletcher was hurt before camp and for a long time which was one reason he dropped to us in round 1
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