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May 1, 2002
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As many of you post Benson or Brown as your first choice it is important to know the historical philosophy regarding taking running backs early in the draft. With the recent exception of Ricky, most teams have decided not to pick a running back that high. The logic of the teams involved appeared to center around paying out guaranteed money to a position that historically has not been a long-career position. Therefore, knowing Saban is aware of certain historical practices, and prides himself as being one smart cookie, I am not shocked about the report on the NFL Network regarding Miami not selecting a RB at #2.

As for trading down, Saban knows he will not get full value in a trade-down, but I have a hunch Minnesota will trade two for one. It makes the most sense. Minnesota is actually a better trade partner for Miami than Tampa. Miami can always trade one of the two first round picks for additional picks.

However, don't be shocked if Saban were very tempted to select Edwards. What happens to Edwards and Smith are the wildcards in this draft. And chances are Miami benefits one way or the other on a trade-down. Who goes first just determines who makes the trade-up.



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Mar 10, 2004
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Agree with you last statement...If Rodgers or Edwards are taken by SF, then our chances of trade down are enhanced. Smith seems to be the key guy that everyone seems to want (personally, I don't see it, but then I'm not a GM, coach or scout). If Edwards is taken first, then Minny becomes a heavy trade favorite. Minny needs a WR badly and wants either Williams or Edwards. They'd have to jump in there with us. The next two WRs (Clayton and Williamson) are too high to take at 7 and may not be there at 20.... If Rodgers is taken first, then Tampa becomes a heavy trade favorite. That is our best opportunity because Tampa will want to jump in front of Cleveland and we may get into a bidding war for that pick...Should be an interesting next couple of days...
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