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So, is ProFootballTalk still just "crap"?

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Oct 22, 2002
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"Crap" being one of the moderator's words...

The last time I posted something here from ProFootballTalk, the site was villified as nothing but "opinion."

Well, the story is a tad different this time. Why do I feel that this board won't flame up as it did in regard to the previous post.

From today's PFT:

The color purple in honor of "His Purpleness." :lol:

Word out of Miami is that unretired receiver Cris Carter is focusing on doing his job, and not on running his yap.

According to a team source, the Dolphins are ready to deal with Carter, if he retreats to his old habits of reminding everyone else that they're not him.

Per the source, "if Carter starts mouthing off in a game we'll tell him to shut the f--k up. This isn't Minnesota."

:lol: :lol: I love it: "This isn't Minnesota." hahahahahahahaha God, I hate the Vikings! :D
Yes IMO it's still a crappy rumor mill site full of half truths and exaggerations.
well this is per a source, which could be for real. Hopefully it is. Now other articles from PFT are writers obviously stating a biased opinion.

Here's to 4 more days of no Phins football :(
All the articles say "per a source" or "according to sources"... they just never bother to name "the source". :rolleyes: It's the National Inquirer of football.
As per source, Batboy joins the Packers and is expected to take all snaps in place of Brett Fa-vre on Monday Night Football. Sources say he can throw for 120 yards on his backfoot.;)
Nobody names their sources. If they did, then we'd never hear any rumors.

PFT is pretty good. Some of it is lame. And some of it is dead on.
As I recall, PFT was DEAD on about every step of Daryl Gardeners status when he was on his way to being cut. Honestly, I haven't seen them be off base on too many "rumors". Their opinions however aren't worth any more than yours or mine.
I wonder which sites/reporters pay for inside info and which ones get it for free??
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