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so much for drafting QB's


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Both Fiedler and Garcia came out of college in 1994 and draft expert Mel Kiper rated Fiedler 12th among 40 quarterbacks. Garcia was No. 23.

“At worst, you should be looking at a very effective primary backup,†Kiper said of Fiedler. He had no comment in his annual draft guide about Garcia, who was assigned a very low grade.
both were undrafted...
Miami won't be drafting a QB first round. I'm thinking someone for the O-Line...
LeCharles Bently out of OSU isn't a bad pick...
I wouldn't mind seeing Harrington don the uniform of the Fins!

Maybe not a QB but certainly not a center... Bentley is a solid football player but drafting a center with a 1st round pick is useless like me arguing with my girlfriend...:lol:

Bentley could still be on the board in the 3rd round...

it's just my opinion but i don't think drafting Bentley would be an upgrade at center over Ruddy. Ruddy made the ProBowl last year (by default but still...).

I agree with you on drafting someone on the OL but not a center...

I don't want Joey Harrington either... we have too much hole on OL and we still have McNown to take a look and Lucas who is an enigma...
i just saw something...

you're from Ohio State:lol:

this is why your high on your hometown center..:)

like you probably think.... :monkey: Bellissari

Wanne said this year that the OL you draft in the 1st round is a OT since you can get decent OG and C later on.
Phins Draft

I would assume the 1st round pick would be used for:

Marco Colombo, Boston College, OT

third round would be used on a OG/OT

Fourth round would be used for LB

Fifth Round would be used for DT

sixth round would be used for QB

we also need to pick up a young RB in the FA market

exactly... An Ot is a safest pick!!!

MHSCanehbk...i agree with you for the most part of your draft but i want Levi Jones of Arizona State much more than Columbo...

I don't think we'll draft a QB but there's 2 player who are intriguing because they don't get the recognition of others....

David Neill of Nevada. Tall, strong arm, can make all the throws...
David Garrard of East Carolina. Big, cannon for an arm, has been compared to Culpepper (we'll have to see.)

Joel Buchsbaum
David Garrard of East Carolina has to watch his weight since he tends to balloon to over 250 pounds  too heavy for a 6-1½ quarterback even with a wide frame. At 240 pounds, Garrard is very hard to knock down and still has decent mobility. But at 260, he has trouble moving and avoiding the rush. His arm is strong but not always accurate, and he can unload quickly. The big knock on him in the past has been that he does not handle late-game pressure really well and rarely plays his best with the game on the line. However, that may be because he tries to do too much himself.

Dan Pompei
A poor man's Michael Vick. Has athletic ability to move and buy second chances. Has a big arm. Forces passes into coverage at times.

Mel Kiper
ECU's David Garrard, now a highly regarded senior, showcases a powerful arm and has also shown signs that he is in the process of mastering the nuances of playing the QB position.

Joel Buchsbaum
Nevada’s David Neill had a great freshman year and has been starting for almost four years, but he has never really built off his first year from a statistical standpoint. But it should be noted he is playing a much tougher schedule. Neill has first-round talent from an arm strength-mobility standpoint, but he must answer pressing concerns about his leadership ability, character and if he’s really willing to pay the price to become a great quarterback.
Football Corner
Neill has a powerful arm and is a solid athlete. He has the ability to escape the pocket and will run if given the chance. He is a hard worker that wants to improve. He has a nice release and can make all the throws. He can be rattled, is raw, and has a lot of room to improve in his knowledge and feel for the game.


but what round do you think these 2 could fall to? IMO mcnown is DONE, but hey, i'm no expert that's for sure. Lucas isnt a starter and Fiedler is catching on, i think when our OLine gets help w/ drafting, plus healthier, we'll have more to work w/ because Lamar Smith wont have to create his holes, they'll open for him.
Lucas is an enigma....but i doesn't hate McNown!!! He seems to be in a good mood with the Fins jersey on and we don't talk about him in the newspaper so that's good news:)

I still think he's a capable QB and a winner as long as he puts his mind into it...Remember that in Chicago, his stats were not that bad. They traded him because of his off field problem not because he was a bust so we must take a look at him next year...
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