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So much for the "Michigan was robbed" argument...


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Mar 10, 2005
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The Wolverines continue their fine recent tradition of not winning their bowl games.
Should quiet all those UM fans that they deserved another shot at OU. They didn't look good at all today, USC D really stepped it up.
Yeah Wolverines did not look good and I guess they are not the second best team in the country
First off, congrats to all USC fans. They really played well today.
Secondly, UM should have never been crying in the first place. In my opinion they controlled their own destiny. If they would have beaten OSU they were in. They lost. End of story. They had their chance and lost it. Accept it and move on. There are no second chances. If you can't beat your rival and win your conference you don't deserve a shot at the NC. So shut up. Again congrats to USC and to Boise State. Great game.
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