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So whats with this 49ers beating us thang???


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Oct 15, 2001
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Damn I have read messages all over this board and it seems most of us think we will lose to the Whiners........I will be at that game (Wish me luck!) and I must have bragging rights over my cuzins.They are die hard whiner fans and keep talking smack this season just because there team has a good record this season.
First of all I still dont think the whiners are as good as they look,yes they are better then they were last Yr. but they are still not up there. Sometimes it kinda upsets me thinking that most of you think we will lose. It almost feels like im going for nothing:(
But i still have confidence and I think we will win.
If you are a fins fan and think we will lose that game please explain why?

P.S. Does anybody know what hotel the fins will be staying in?
#1 reason I am worried ;) we will lose: Sun road game to N. Cali after Mon night game.
#2 reason - 9ers can run the ball and pass the ball
#3 reason - I do not expect, but would love :D, us to go 13-3
I think

Hearst is running very well this year, and as of late (Daryl being out) the Fins have had problems stopping the run. I am confident our CB's can cover Owens. I think San Fran will be able to run the ball and control the clock. We have been unable to run the ball since the first half of game 1 vs. the Jets. and I don't think Fiedler has the arm strength to throw accurately in the Windy Candlestick park. Not to mention we are playing Monday night and short week of practice flying to the West Coast... Historically the Dolphins do not play well on the West Coast, the latest example being last years playoffs in Oakland... Although we did beat Seattle this year.
Even though its a short week, I think we can win.
Our corners can cover there recievers and really that is the only weapon they have .
I think Hearst is a fluke. We should be able to stop him knowing 1st place is at stake.Its a good thing the whiners come in this game with a good record,that way we dont underestimate them.
St. louis, Chicago, and the Saints
Hey now!

The Saints D is not nearly as good as ours. Look at what the Pats did to them!

The Bears have the 18th ranked D this year...guess what THE 49ers LOST!

The Rams D is not as good as ours, you and I both know this. Guess what THE 49ers LOST!
This was also based on earlier in the year..these teams D was alot better then...
probably right...St louis might not be as good..They are better :p They are #1 in the NFL ;)
I'm talking Ds ;)

Our D is better than theirs. They are #1, they will prove it again this week by beating the 49ers by 10+ points. The thing is, the 49ers have played **** for Ds, and when they play an even decent one, they don't perform.
It's all good

I'm kinda tired of the 49ers getting all this recognition. They aren't that good! :D It's going to be awesome to go to that game :)
The Rams have the 3rd ranked D, not first.

We'll have probs vs NE I believe.

The Rams D gets that high because they are always playing ahead and typically only have to worry about the pass. The best defense is a good offense.
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