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[SOLVED] Brock Question



Hey Dolphin fans...

First let me say that I grew up a Dolphin fan. I remember the Griese, Csonka and Morris days very well. Griese was my hero as a kid. I even have a jersey signed by Shula. That being said, once you get your own home town team, you have to put your support behind them. All this means is basically this, I come in Peace.

I read recently that Brock Marion is moving to Nashville. Not sure why, but found it interesting since the Titans are actively shopping for at least one, but likely two, FA safeties. I obviously have an idea who Marion is, but I always like to get some opinions of the fans of the player's current team since they follow the players more than anyone else.

So what do you think of Brock? Strengths and weaknesses.
Great overall player, you would be lucky to have him.
Re: Brock Question

Originally posted by VolnTitan
So what do you think of Brock? Strengths and weaknesses.
Great FS

very solid tackler
very solid positionally
so-so ball hawk
so-so one on one coverage skills
outstanding S-T players, i.e. KR
One thing you left out 39...

He's a great team leader and presence in the locker room. He will be a great asset to any team. I'm still hoping we can get him back.
Wanne seems to...

expect to get another S in the draft or as a late / cheap UFA:

Dolphins | Looking Ahead -- If Fins' Land Williams - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
12:56 PT: Miami Dolphins senior vice president Rick Spielman said on Wednesday that if the Dolphins get RB Ricky Williams from the New Orleans Saints, the team would likely be out of the high-priced free agent range. He said they'd continue to do things, noting the safety position is an area the team will continue to concentrate on. He said there are a lot of good safeties coming out in this year's draft.
Re: Wanne seems to...

Originally posted by dolphan39
He said there are a lot of good safeties coming out in this year's draft.

As good as Brock though? :nono: He will be missed! :cry:
If we can sign him cheap again we have to. He calls the plays and knows that system very well. If we get the offense going, we can't slack off and let a leader walk away.

If he leaves anyone have any idea's who Miami will turn to. I have heard Victor Green and Blain Bishop. Although I have also read where Bishop more than likely will end up in Buffalo.
Never liked Marion much, but he does make big plays, not the best cover safety in the league and have seen him blow coverage numberous times, I dislike any player that comes out of dallas so I may be bias.
OK I finally had to make the jump from Yahoo! The new groups stink!

Now about the BrockMan! Leader, leader, leader. He is what they mean about bringing in a veteran for leadership.
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