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[SOLVED] The Dolphins roster


Iron Man

I am curious about one thing. I was wondering when the players are weighed, is it on the first day of training camp or when. Many of the players weights have changed since last season and I'm curious to see who has bulked up and who has lost weight. I have heard that Morlon Greenwood has added some muscle in the off-season and is up to at least 245 pounds now. I keep track of the roster at home so I'm always curious about it. Do any of you know?? Thanks in advance.
I know that many times, the listed heights and weights are not accurate. As I've posted before (way back when), I knew the guy who was the top dog at the training facilities in Davie (he ran everything). And he'd give me all the accurate weights.

Example: July 2000
Daryl Gardener - weighed and listed at 315lbs. Actual weight?? 360lbs. ALL MUSCLE. Unreal

OT Willie Jones (made it to final cuts) was listed at 360. Actually weighed 410.

Zach was usually about 225-230 in camp. But he's really 5'9-1/2".

And Timbo was every bit of that 320 they listed him at. LOL.
I can believe that. You see some of the players in college who may be listed as being 6'4" 270 and in reality the player is 6'2" 260 or Zach Thomas who was listed at 6'0" in college (yeah right). Maybe the NFL doesn't want to embarass some of the guys who are 350+ so they just say they weigh 325 every year. I just wish that the players actual height and weight was reported. I guess I'll wait and see when the new weights come out around training camp.
I wonder what Gardner's real weight is this year. I mean, if he was all muscle, then that's all he could really use. That might mean he may be a shade weaker as well though.
Dolfan984, supposedly Gardener weighs 295 pounds now. All I know is the guy looks bigger then that. He is a monster and has some huge biceps. He looks like he's about 320 to me but it is said that he lost weight so he can improve his quickness with the move to the DE position. Who really knows for certain but the guy is built like a brick house.
I heard he was 295 like you said, but I'd believe 320 after being 360 last year. Hopefully the less weight puts less of a strain on his back as well. We need our 1st and 2nd down LDE to be able to stop the run really well. Gardner doesn't have to be the best pass rusher in the world.
It starts in Jr High.

It starts in Jr. High and then expanentially grows/shrinks as the players get older.

Does everyone really think that every LB in college/NFL is 6-2 235? Why do you think there are so many guys whose weight is listed in multiples of 5? 245, 295,180, 225?

It can be turned into a science really:

If a guy is really 5-10, list him at 6-0.

If a guy is 5-11, list him at 6-1.

Really weighs 195? list him at 205.

Really weighs 215? list him at 225.

It all just looks better. I guess?

Depending on the pads/shoes/helmet none of the weights are truely accurate anyway when they actually play the game.
I know one thing, he's incredibly strong and built like a rock. He's going to be a load for any OT or TE to block.
Another case in point, how about big Ted Washington? He was always listed at 320-325 and he wasn't an ounce under 350. I'm sure Tim Ruddy could tell you how large Washington is since he's has tremendous difficulty with him over the years.
I vaguely remember a MNF game where they were showing the starting OL. You know where they say their name and then their college they attended. Right after that I heard the commentator say that the heights and weights shown were taken from the beginning of the season.

Dunno if thats the truth or not, but it sounded good.
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