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some Christmas game tailgate and game pics


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Jan 30, 2005
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We had a tailgate party host for this game .... Dolphins 561. I would very much like to thank him and his friends for treating me, and us, like we were family. Some folks stopped by but I didn't get their pics...sorry...

Here's the Dolph Van.. Dolphins561 is one of it's keepers, builders, and designers. A rather impressive unit as you will see. Note the satellite dish, and whisper quiet generator. They leave the fin on while driving and I actually passed them on the turnpike. The lights in it were cool at night.


another view... that is Dolphin561 tending some tenderloin on his grill with another of our hosts..who's name escapes me, watches...


I am working around the van, here is our gracious host giving Christmas love... and two more of the host group. To my left is the turkey in the fryer and a table, to my right is two more tables set up with food...constantly tended and added to.. these folks were squared away.


here is the turkey getting it's boil on


this is the final corner of the Dolph Van..notice the reason for the satellite dish...which is again visible... the Eagles game had just begun when I shot this picture...before the rain. This was a communal tent with chairs good company and gracious hosts. A lot of folks stopped by and visited...overwhelmingly Eagles fans in this game... imagine that :goof:

Here is the inside of the Dolph Van, tastefully Dolphins...


this is the "ladies only" room, also in traditional Dolphin... it is for number one number two.

the entire party group worked as a unit and was impressive to watch how well it all worked. They are an "all weather" group too, the rain didn't stop any fun. They offered good food all day with beverages to boot. Wonderful friendly folks having a good time tailgating and sharing it too. My thanks Micheal !
night fell quickly and out of the darkness arrives some caulksmen.... that is Dolphins561 bottom left, the skinny kid off his shoulder is my son Eric, to the right is D-Day. Directly behind his head I cannot tell, maybe Lappy down from oh Canada for the game... perhaps D-day can help, in the white 84 jersey behind him is Greatwade. The Greatness had to shank that jets guy two-three times in the buttcheek with an icepick because he was sneaking up behind D-Day...because those caulksmen...they keep each others back sides covered ya know..:wink:

man, I cannot believe I didn't take a shot of Lappy... Dubfire either, now that I think about it. Joe Robbie in the backgroud was pretty.

here is fin atic, one of our fearless leaders and sponser of the fun. He brought towels and coolies for everyone too. To the right is Dolphins561, behind him is "I think" his wife. Help me out Micheal... Notice the banner to the left, and the cool Dolph Van fin, with the lights on.


Here is finatic again...please forgive me Matt, I know you introduced me but I cannot remember her name, help me here please. That is our new banner in his hands...


here is a short movie of the banner going up

this is the banner up with the back of 561's punkin head...see all the food on the table...
In the stadium... it has been raining for an hour. This is the pregame warmups, our guys are at the far end, with our bench on the right, the jumbo tron at night is breathtaking, it is about 160 yards away


this is turning around and up from our seats, the angle is to acute to see "this" tron
sweet pics! thanks for sharing. sweet van too....

the saddest thing - my 5 year old son asked me after the game:
"daddy, have we EVER beaten the Jets?"

and i thought to myself "not since you've been alive"

freakin sad.

great pics though
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