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Some Idea's for Norv


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Apr 12, 2002
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Assuming that probably Chambers and Gadsden are out for this week, I think we can all put some idea's together on what could happen from Norv's perspective.

Here's one of mine:
Use McKnight and Ward as our WR's of course, but move McMichael over into the slot and then put Clark in as TE.
While this isn't a even up swap of personel for talent, you can see that McMichael does not have the OG speed, but he's a brute to tackle and loves to run after the catch. Clarks is just that, an excellent TE. We lose nothing at this position as it should be at least an equal trade off.
One drawback to this is how our offensive line holds up against the rush. They need to protect the QB at all costs, and also give us some holes for Ricky. Without Ricky doing well, this can become more then an even game talent wise.

Since Norv is our O guy, I'm sure he's going to keep things off set for our friends up in Tatonka.
I would rather see Baker out there in passing downs than Clark. Keeps our O a bit more similar to what it was. Baker would just have to run OGs routes though throwing the ball up for grabs to him would be far less likely to succeed. But I can see us going to a 2 TE w/Konrad and RW power set to cram the ball down the Bills throats a bit

2 TE set. Give them something new they never seen. They will probably stack the line with 8. So a little playaction pass rollout by lucas will stun the backers not knowing if to go after lucas or a TE(mcmicheal up the seam) or D. Clark 7 yard out pattern or Ricky in the middle. There defense is so week they havent even had a interception all year. So im not afraid of lucas throwing the rock.
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