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Someone make me feel better about our Oline and Dline


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Apr 12, 2002
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:goof: I'm just going a bit crazy right now. With my very limited knowledge of how good is each player I try to just push them into a group and figure it out that way. And from what I've seen with all of our off season moves, I'm scared. I see us losing two great linemen to the Vikes. I've seen them play. But now we have new people and I haven't seen what they're capable of.

I'm just looking for all of your knowledge to take away the edge of not knowing whats about to come.

I saw the first two series of the Jets the other day and was watching the way they just picked away at the Steelers and imaged how I'd be if that was Miami.

So I look to you all, with all of your vast knowledge, to show me the light of the righteous and of the Miami Dolphins.
get a grip man, those two lineman were hardly great. we will be fine, one person doesnt make a defense, 11 players make a dfense. so we are ok until there play tells us otherwise
I know I know. I'm just nervous is all. I feel we have a great team. Much improved over last year. But almost every year we blow it in the end of the season. And in the playoffs too.

I guess I just need to see them play a few and get a better 'feel' on how they'll be.
I honestly beleave with a 100% of heart that Bowens, Williams, and Burnett will be so much better than Bormell, and Mixon. We will get a good taste of how our lines will look on Mon. Tampa has a pretty good o-line, and a great Dline, so lets not panic untill atleast Tuesday morning.
Well think of it this way. Against the Titans in scrimmage, during the two minute drill phase where every play was a pass, we put in our passrush package and got a sack on 4 or 5 out of 6 plays. The other times we didn't get a sack we still collapsed the pocket and forced early decisions.

Was the Titans OL the exact first team starting OL? No, some of the veterans made way for guys that are trying to crack the starting lineup. They weren't a bunch of rookies either though. So you should take it for what it is, a DL showing that they belong at the very least on the same level as a full starting first team squad, because when you substitute some backups in there we were abusing them. So put your mind at ease with the thought that at the very least our passrush package belongs in there with starters in this league, and we're not throwing a bunch of career backups out there to play.
On the depth chart, who's behind Zach for MLB?

i didn't get to see the scrimmage, but my son has the sunshine network on direct tv and he said the oline looked much better than in past years. the fact that it was just a scrimmage and the players couldn't have full contact, you could not tell how hard they were hitting!:D
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