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Something I havent thought of


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Dec 12, 2001
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This is taken from the official site. It is a quote from Rob Burnett.

(On his role on the team) – “I will rotate with the ends in pass rush situations - kind of similar to what Trace (Armstrong) did a few years ago. They are going to take care of me during camp and not going to kill me. I’m 35 years old you know, and have been doing this for a long time. I’m just going to do whatever I need to do to contribute and help this team win, whether it’s leadership on the field, off the field.â€Â

I haven't thought about how much leadership this guy could bring. Something our defense seriusly lacked last year when Trace moved on. I mean after all this guy has SB ring, and was part of what may have been the best defense of all time. Maybee he will help bring an end to meltdowns in the 2nd half, and players pointing fingers at one another.
Excellent point bro. So far I like what I am hearing our of our D line.

Anyone hear anything about the practice this morning with the Titans?
Yea , check out Mucks post our WR's are having a field day..even read their fans post of how good Ricky is.
Lose a guy like DG and gain a guy like Burnett. Sounds like a good deal.
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