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Dec 21, 2004
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Seminole, FL
Too many people in here are getting upset one way or another about the pope and moving threads. So lets get back on track and talk some football. I am curious about our current salary cap. Seeing how our cap hasnt been updated in over a month and we have had multiple signings and releases lately were do we stand? Do we have room to keep Surtain or not.:confused: WHERE is our resident cap guru? Anybody who can give a link or shed some light would be greatly appreciated.
Buffalo Bills 62million???

Tell me it's a typo
For some reason it says the Bills are 62 million under. i think john clayton made a mistake. 62 million under is impossible
Thank you. With that number we can still keep Surtain and be under the cap. I think we should let KC stew and stare at the receivers they will be facing this year, including ours.
This should go to the salary cap forum.
Whitedolphin54 said:
How could KC afford Pat with a cap of only 1.8 million

I have been trying to make that point all day. They are in no better shape then we are. At least our number contains Surtain already. Has Surtain said he wants out of Miami or just a longterm deal. I dont get it.
$62 million? :lol: It is probably more like $6.2 million. Still though, with that much space(assuming it is $6.2 million) why aren't they trying to improve in FA? It seems like the Bills just don't care this year.
Jaj said:
This should go to the salary cap forum.
Jaj.... come on man....

you are better than that. leave these games for your kids. the dolphins and their salary cap situation with Surtain is a heck of a lot more relevant than the pope.
Jaj said:
This should go to the salary cap forum.

Now you are getting carried away. I was one of the guys supporting you and now you are going to go to every thread and post this. Come on and get over it already.
I did, but I had my fun for about an hour. I do these things from time to time to keep this board from getting stagnant.
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