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Something to think about


Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Norv Turner said after the game against Indy "we haven't seen anything yet" refering to the offense. Think about that. Our o-line has 2 guys starting in new postions, 1 in a line he hasn't played with very much. Common sence sais they only can get better. We have a new starting RB, and a new starting TE. The RB will only get better once he settles in to the offense and his teamates. The same goes for our TE, but on top of that he is rookie, and can only get better with more NFL expeirence. The whole offense has only played 2 full games under a new system. Most teams don't fully comprehend a new offense till the second season, and don't even to begin to grasp it untill the end of the first season.

Seriously this could get scarry. We have young and exciting players everywhere you look on offense and a QB that is starting to really come in to his own(2ints in his last 5 or 6 games.) The TDs are already starting to pile up, and i don't think this offense has even clicked yet.
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