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sophomore gems


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May 15, 2005
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who do you think will be the best players in their second year of play?? i believe a lot of second year guys will have big years. here is a list of a few not-so-obvious ones.

Max Starks-OT-Pittsburgh Steelers-their starter at RT last year defected to arizona, they didnt blink because they think this guy wont be a dropoff, and with their solid line, he can afford to struggle slightly.

Shawntae Spencer, CB, San Francisco 49ers-new management will like to see what the youngsters can do and i think he will blossom into a solid corner. rumph and plummer have trouble staying healthy too, which will open the door to him.

Stuart Schweigert-SS-Oakland Raiders-this guy is a presence in the secondary and will cause opposing receivers to fear going over the middle.

Ben Hartsock or Ben Utecht, TE-Indianapolis Colts-they let pollard go because they think one of these two will step in without there being a dropoff. whichever wins the number two tight end behind clark will have a handful of tds and a few hundred yards. clark also tends to gert nicked easy so the winner of the backup job could see even bigger numbers in that offense.

Courtney Watson-revamped Saints middle linebacker. played well and showed flashes as a rookie, now has the starting job. should be very solid.
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