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Sorry about the stability...


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
Hey, just wanted to tell everyone that I'm sorry about the stability of the boards for the past few nights. At about 11:30pm to 11:45pm EST the entire site was down.

When I contacted the host, they simply said that there are too many resources being taken up. Basically, there are too many "programs" (users in this case) on at one time, thus, the system resources are being taken down. When they get down to an extreme low, the system crashes, and has to reboot. Basically, like a computer. You have ten programs running, the computer slows down, and can crash. Same idea here.

Anyways, the problems should be corrected once we upgrade our plan with the server (host).

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Andrew Tatum
AJ, it's really cool of you to lament problems with the host, but with the public service your providing us at enormous personal expense and inconvenience, nobody should complain.
I understand this. However, I find it inconvienent when the site goes down, and when it does, I want to know why specifically. Since the host gave me a direct answer, I thought I should let everyone know about it, so they know its not their internet service provider (ISP) or their own computer.

Thanks for the compliments.

Andrew Tatum
all the more reason why we need to get switched to the larger server. Just to keep everyone updated, we have just over $400.00 in donations, and we need about $600.00 more to get switched.

I expect the crashing to only get worse as the season progresses, and we add more members.

We really appreciate everyone who has helped, and we know that we'll make it...we just may have to put up with some down time until then.


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