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Sorry finfans.....


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Oct 15, 2001
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But it took me 3 days to swallow this loss against the $#^&% Whiners. I was at the game and let me tell you it was the horriblest Dolphin game I have ever been to!
3 & 10 they call a HB Draw....Come'on Gailey you piece of ^&%($$!
Well i will hear it from my cousins every day from here on,as I heard it from them throught out the whole game.
When we tailgated I was surprised to see so many dolphin fans we actually outnumbered the niner fans about 2 to 1....then about after 3 min in to the game we were outnumbered 5 to 1.

The bad thing about the game: Everything! The way the dolphins performed!

The good thing about the game:I got Brock Marion's & Ed Perry's Autograph.But thats it.:fire: :yell: :fire:

The first drive by the niners was stopped and our defense looked impressive.But after that first Fiedler INT that was it downhill from there.The dolphins emberrased me!:fire: :yell: :fire:
They were shutout.
I'm tired of Fiedler throw Lucas in he looked good in warm-ups!
If you are tired of Jay, you will just have to wait to next year and hope that he voids his contract and the Fins do not match the team that wants him's contract offer.

I had front row tix to that game. When did you get their autographs? Was probably the worst game I could go to. I swear the only thing that made we go "Yes!" was when Cortez missed that FG.
brave souls

that must have been a tough one............I was unfortunate enough to attend that drumming we received in Jacksonville 2 years ago(62-7)! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was hard but at least I can say that I saw Dan the Man's last touchdown pass in person....there's alway a positive to anything I guess
I got the Autographs after the game in front of Gate A were the dolfins buses were parked. I also forgot to mention I got Suge Knights autograph (Death Row Records producer) Did you see him and his bodygaurds driving around in that little golf cart?...Hahaha that was funny.
There was a lucky fin fan parked next to us tailgaiting after the game who got the Fins play pictures you know the pictures they look at. It had lots of scribbles and also showed some routes that the fins were going to try to run. When he saw Suge Knight he didnt have any paper to get the autograph so he told Suge to sign those fin play pics.....
I also forgot to mention I got Suge Knights autograph (Death Row Records producer)

You mean he hasn't committed a crime yet since getting out? He has been crime free for 4 months now. It is only a matter of time before he goes back to jail.:lol:
We have to their romance in the future? If so will the wedding be simulcasted here on finheaven?
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