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Feb 2, 2005
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......I've noticed, as have most other posters, that Saban is signing many former/current Florida residents. While Wanny also did this he never did it to the extent that Saban is. I'm guessing, which is all we can do with Saban in charge, that Saban believes that past area college stars will be inspired AND that IF he finds some useable players they'll be much more interested in signing less than market value contracts to stay in the area.

While is feel this is a decent idea Saban will have to be careful. I do think that he WILL find a few that will take less to stay "closer to home" but sometimes a scrub is a matter where they are from (hey, that kinda rhymes).

All in all I think it's not a bad way to approach it, I just don't want to close out consideration on future players (mostly free agents). I'm not sure if Saban will but I just wanted to throw that out there.
I think a lot of these guys want to come home. I dont think Saban is actually going out and targeting these guys because of were they are from. That would be extremly narrow minded and to Spurrier esque. Saban is too smart to narrow his search in this fashion. If you look at the history of any Florida pro team you will see players wanting to play here for the weather and year round golf. Besides these free agents do their homework and they now which teams are close and which are not. Just my opinion.
I dont think its because he can get them any cheaper I feel the talent level in florida as far as football players are concerned are just usually better than other places
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