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Speaking of winning streaks...


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Sep 4, 2001
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from Dolphins-Patriots Series Notes

Current Series Streak: Dolphins 5 (10/17/99 – 10/7/01)

and here is why:
RUSHING TO VICTORY: One of the most critical statistics in having success in the NFL is being able to run the ball. Never has this been more evident than in the Dolphins-Patriots series. Including a playoff game, the team that has had more rushing yards has won each of the last ten games and 17 of the last 18 in this series. In the first contest between these teams this year, the Dolphins racked up a season-high 209 rushing yards, including a 144-yard performance by Lamar Smith, who had 29 carries and one touchdown.
We also have current streaks going agianst the colts and Bills of 4 games. None of thease get the attention that the Jets streak get.

not only do they not get attn for their win sreaks against the colts and bills now. do you know, the bills didn't beat us once in the 70's, we won 20 in a row without half the fanfare the little green airplanes and the media make out 8. very puzzling to say the least!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
no respect

The reason I believe that it doesn't get talked about is because we are the most dominant team since the 70's. They like to pick on us a lot, because we are always challenging for the afc east. If you don't believe me then take a look at this example. Commercials. They like to make jokes about rivals right. Well when the Bills and Dolphins were at their highest peak they had the Direct TV commercial with them throwing snowballs at the guy in the dolphin car. Something about not getting your team in your local market. Then the new one with the jets, when they are sitting in the stink pit jets bar. The dolphins score a touchdown and the one miami guy jumps up and yells and then quickly quiets down and realizes where he is at. Both are funny commercials. But the point is you take your shots at good teams. They are not going to make a joke about the pathetic patriots because they have no history of domination. They just get dominated. Maybe have a good year once in a great while just like the jets. Well that is my thoughts.

Go dolphins
Beat the patsies and when the east!!!!!
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