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Special Teams?


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Aug 18, 2002
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I am looking for some incite as to who will be returning kick offs and punts this year. Will Chambers and Marion continue to return kicks? Will Albert Johnson replace Ogden on punt returns, or will Simmons be in the mix? Would appreciate your input on this Thanks.
From what we have seen and heard this PS:
Minor, AJ, Simmons and Baker are in the mix for Kickoff Returns
Ogden, AJ, Simmons and Baker are in the mix for Punt Returns

but Simmons looked awful in the Bucs game at least
This is a good topic....It's very important.

I've heard the same as 39 so far...

I like what I've seen from both A. Johnson, and R. Baker returning kicks....

WR R. Baker is having a great off-season. They need to get this guy involved one way or another. He's earned his spot...

J. Ogden has some value concerning his speed, but his moves??.....no moves.

As for the entire special teams plat thus far, it's been way too relaxed for my comfortability. Coverage teams has experienced a slow start, and P M. Royals has looked horrible IMO.

He needs to get better hang time somehow, or we're going to have problems keeping the opposition on their side of the field.....

Right now, I'd give the Special Teams an F for their lack of focus and communication thus far.....

Improvement is a must all around.....

Remember guys, we've also signed a Antwain Toliver..I think that's his name to do KO's also..From a recent article on the possibility of letting Odgen and Grant go..I think the Dolphins are truly trying to replace Odgen on PR's...They don't want Chambers and Marion getting hurt on KR duty...I don't blame them on that..They are thin in the secondary and Chris Offensive possibilities makes him too valuable to put on Kick Offs. This coming game will probably establish who it will be..Ogden will get some time to show his stuff this game as a PR.
What has become of that other punter we had on the team? From previous reports he was booming punts and giving Royals a run for his money. And now nothing about him? If Royals is looking bad will he be given a chance in the Houston game?
Those reports largely stemmed from JBrown, who was reporting bad information, and was promptly fired for it once all of the posters found out that he was merely reporting a bunch of news clippings and some eyewitness reports which he deemed reliable...but were probably not...and packaging it all together as if he actually went to the camps.

The RELIABLE reports I've seen, have Casey Roussell lobbing a bunch of 30 yarders and shanks and whatnot, being clearly outpunted by Royals.
Wasn't DW quoted as saying he's always trying to get rid of Ogden but he does so much? If we can get a decent draft pick (5 ?) he is probably traded. With a good performance in Houston and no trade he makes the team.

As for Royals his placement of kicks so far have been good which make distance and hang time secondary.

There can be no disagreement on the ST lack of focus but I think that can easily be fixed. Hopefully I don't have to eat thoes words when the season starts. :)
I w/b shocked if we could get a 7 for Ogden
Roussell boomed a 17 yarder against the Saints. A Johnson looked good against TB and NO. Baker looked good against TB. He did not impress in the NO game. He made some halfhearted efforts for some passes that Levcik threw in the 2d half and let punts hit the ground that should hav3e been fielded. Have not seen enough of Simmons so that may mean he is not impressing in practice.
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