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Speilman leaving


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Mar 1, 2002
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The article states that in recent weeks he and Saban have had difference or opinion and that they haven't been the same lately. Is Ricky Williams the problem they are talking about. It doesn't come out and say it but that fits in with the time line of events.
I highly doubt that it was over Ricky Williams. I would guess that them "having different opinions" could possibly be over A.J. Feeley and Gus Frerrote instead of Ricky Williams. But even that is just me speculating...
I doubt it because Saban made it clear a long time ago that he wanted Ricky back. Why wouldn't Speilman have left then? IMO, Saban gave Speilman the option to resign or be fired. Did anyone really expect Saban to keep him around? I didn't. Anyhow, he's gone now and so is the Wanny era...I for one am ready to quit living in the past and focus on the future.
That's an interesting thought. It's possible, but I think that an AJ/Gus disagreement is more likely. RS's rep is linked more to the AJ trade than anything else. Wasn't it about two weeks ago that Saban came out and said that Gus had an advantage? It seems that would be something that RS would feel strongly enough to confront Saban with.
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