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Standings IF Miami AND Buffalo win


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Oct 14, 2002
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First Scenario: Buffalo Wins and Miami Loses

1. San Diego
2. Denver/Buffalo tied
3. Miami
4. Oakland
5. Indi
6. Pittsburgh

We would have a bye.

Second Scenario: Buffalo Wins and Miami Wins

1. San Diego
2. Miami
3. Denver/Buffalo tied
4. Oakland
5. Indi
6. Pittsburgh
I said this in the other thread--- NE is in a MUST WIN situation....Buffalo is NOT

Originally posted by Quizlet
I said this in the other thread--- NE is in a MUST WIN situation....Buffalo is NOT

How old are you? 9?

Let me explain something to you. Because the NFL added two new divisions, one in each conference, that means that there will be one less wild-card game. Hence, winning your division becomes all the more important. That is why EVERY division game is important.
You left out the situation that happens, Buffalo losing. :) Also, if you won and we lost, you wouldn't have a bye since Denver beat you guys.
You will lose to GB and its all good@! Remember- LUCAS!
If Denver and Buffalo were tied for a playoff spot, Denver would get the tie breaker b/c they beat Buffalo. Once again, Quizlet is wrong. Big surprise.:rolleyes:
Get in here and defend your team you little bandwagon jumping Buffalo twit......We had to read your crap for two weeks now, and now you want to hide under the rock you call home?????

Come ON!!!!!.....Since no excuse carries any weight with you, I want to see what you have to say about a 38-7 humping that you took at home from a .500 should be priceless.

I'll wait till you're done crying and,hit your inhaler and have Mommy find your binky so you can get yourself under control.......and get in here and tell us the Bills SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
The simple fact is that you also got beat very convincingly this week.
Yep, we lost in Green Bay to a non division opponent, with our back-up QB........still in first place and still very talented.....don't expect that we will just roll over and give this division up with out a fight..........

Now, tell me again about your HOME game against a DIVISION rival in which you had ALL your players healthy????????
Sorry guys- I wasnt a "band-wagon fan." The site came up as "temporarily suspended" for about 2 days so I couldnt get in... so... yes we did have injurys. Our FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK was out, Our Starting TE was out. Eric Moulds had a wrist problem. Our PRO BOWL CB was out. Shall I go on?

But even those 4-5 starters still is NO reason for Buffalo getting there ass's kicked- That was a PITIFUL game. Good job NE--- Buffalo has to go on... and

Good article by (sorry forgot his name) on this article Bills (A-), Dolphins (C-) >>>

And I YES the Bills do make the playoffs if the playoffs started today. Here is that link!
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