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steelers to self impose a salary cap.

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Dec 5, 2002
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the steelers said they are going to give themselves a salary cap this year. they are trying to avoid having to undo crazy spending like wealthier teams will do. avoid getting themselves into cap hell when the cap returns. i wonder if we will follow or will ross pass out the atm cards this year?
I would guess there will be a hellacious luxury tax if/when a cap is re-instituted

teams will dump salary to their hearts content but they won't go crazy with spending
I think most if not all teams will do this to an extent.....though they probably won't make it public information that they are doing may have one or two that will break the bank tho......
Certainly a smart move. I can't see too many teams, if any at all go crazy in FA knowing a new salary cap will come eventually.
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