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street free agents signed aka Zak Kustok, QB


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Mar 8, 2002
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Zak Kustok, QB

We got our fourth QB in Zak Kustok of Northwestern.
My source:

KUSTOK, Zak 11 124.54 404-231-10 57.2 2692 20 80 244.7

His statistics 20 TDs, 10 INTs

Positives: Supersmart overachiever with great intangibles. Does the extras and studies lots of tape. Makes good decisions and handles an offense that often operates without a huddle. Is generally accurate with his shorter throws. Has come up big in the clutch. Does not panic and responds well to pressure.

Negatives: Lacks God-given talent. Is short and often has to get outside the pocket to see better. Has below-average arm strength and average athletic ability. Is helped by the system and scheme.

Summary: Marginal tools for the next level, but he has great intangibles. Would reject on pure ability, but you can't because of the way he plays the game.

This guy sounds like Drew Brees minus the talent. May make the team in a few years. Dont give up on him... look at Jay Fiedler's route to stardom...
Re: Zak Kustok, QB

This guy sounds like Drew Brees minus the talent. May make the team in a few years. Dont give up on him... look at Jay Fiedler's route to stardom... [/B]

Don't forget that Jay is quite a good athelete. If he does reach stardom, it would be by a different route.
street free agents signed

Utah state tight end jr suguturaga was signed
baylor ol greg jerman
morthwestern qb zak kostok
thats posted om the nfl kffl hot wire pages go check it out
Dolphins | One More Signed - posted at KFFL (
April 24, 2002 0:09:09 PT The Fansonly network reports Utah State undrafted free agent TE J.R. Suguturaga has signed with the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins | Undrafted Addition - posted at KFFL (
April 23, 2002 23:18:28 PT The Fansonly network reports Baylor OL Greg Jerman signed with the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted free agent.

Zak Kustok

Dolphins | Quarterback Added- posted at KFFL (
April 23, 2002 19:47:18 PT According to Northwestern University's official website, Northwestern QB Zak Kustok, an undrafted rookie free agent, has signed with the Miami Dolphins.
Jerman sounds like a slacker. From the sound of it, he was their star in the making his sophomore year. He didnt play so well after that and even missed a start the last game of his senior year. At 292 pounds, could put some more weight on his 6-5 frame. An OG from the sounds of it.

I dont know what the front office saw in Suguturaga. I hope he can block, but statistically, it doesnt look like he can catch well. He had NO TDs this past season and the most receptions he had in one game was 5 for 33 yards.
we also signed a P

With the fewest number of draft picks in team history, the Dolphins have hit the college free-agent trail hard and have signed a punter, who was considered the second-best prospect entering last weekend's draft.

Casey Roussel, who was a two-time All-Conference USA pick at Tulane, will compete with Mark Royals during training camp to be Matt Turk's replacement. Roussel, 6 feet 1, 220 pounds, averaged 43.2 yards per punt. Ohio's Dave Zastudil was the only punter selected in the draft, going to St. Louis in the fourth round. Roussel was considered a late-round prospect.
Originally posted by dolfan06
if he was the second best prospect, why isn't he gone already?
because he is only a P :)
We are signing the wrong Northwestern player! We should bring in their running back, Damien Anderson!
Who cares, Anderson wont make the field in the NFL. The only NU free agent I would have been interested in was LB Billy Silva, that is it.

Undrafted QBs that turn into stars never star with their original team, so lets just rob somebody else's undrafted QB like we did with Fiedler. They need time to develope and usually bounce around the league.
Arizona Cardinals signed Anderson.
But, on the official Miami Dolphins Website, they have added the other UFAs on the roster.
They are:

Tim Levcik, QB, Robert Morris
Shannon Wadley, LB, South Carolina
James Atkins, DT, Virginia Union
Justin Seaverns, LB, Appalachian State
Jerry Jackson, OT, Fort Valley State

I dont have anymore information on these guys... more info to come.
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