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Strength, trust, value all lie in Saban's judgement..


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Dec 23, 2004
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Smith...Rodgers.....Brown.......Names reverberating aimlessly through the shallow ruins of a recondite, blind-eyed draft class. Names etched in concrete opinions, molded by layers and layers of valid and unique perceptions. Crying for expression. ...Benson...Williams.....Williams.......Edwards....

If the proof is in the pudding, than it is evident that Nick Saban has sent us to bed with no dessert. He left us, sweet-toothed in a candy shop of possibilities. He left us, and we wait. The mindless seconds equate, and we still wait -- searching for answers; clues; hints; truths; lies;

The 2005 NFL Draft is less than 38 hours away. A draft in which the tightest crop of conformitable commodities as us, FinHeaven philosophers may stand divided by beliefs, our judgement, our core values -- all different and all that every bit worthy. But one thing rings true -- The aqua and orange we bleed. For the same purpose; - to overwhelm and dominate our opponents. To beseech all those who envy and reprise through unequivocally regaining our place as the greatest team of all time.

We all have our hopes. Our dreams. Come 12:15 PM on Saturday afternoon, providing we do not trade down, these hopes and dreams will gridlock into a cloud of vibrant opiniated weariness. Benson fans may end up with Aaron Rodgers. Smith fans may end up with Ronnie Brown. Edwards fans may end up with a lump of coal and a pecking order. But one thing we MUST fathom is that as Miami Dolphins fans, Nick Saban's judgement is our leader. Our guide.

So far, we can't question Coach Saban's decision making ability. Nor can we question his talent and skill developing and evaluating techniques. We have had a strong free agency, teamed with a strong personnel turnover. In short: Saban has a goal and is working towards achieving that goal. Who ever we pick at #2, #71, wherever, whenever, I beg you all to remember that Sabans judgement tells us it will add the most value for what he is looking for. All variables will be taken into account.

A brief conclusion can boil it down to the mere simplification that Saban won't let us down regardless of what happens draft day. We shouldn't sweat, we shouldn't fret, because in a win-win situation, we won't be playing second fiddle.

Thank you all for reading. I'm going on...need my own commentary..haha just kidding...but I just needed to get this all out before draft day.
The first half of your post really scared me, but you made some good points in the 2nd half.
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