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Sun-Sentinel: The Good and the Bad


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Feb 3, 2002
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Saints vs. Dolphins--Good and Bad




1. Ray Lucas: Once again, the backup quarterback provided a spark by throwing crisp passes and moving the offense. There is no quarterback controversy Jay Fiedler is the starter  but it’s nice to know Lucas can get the job done.

2. Play selection: A deep throw on first down? This is a new era indeed under offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

3. LG, LT: Jamie Nails and Marcus Spriggs, the former Buffalo Bills, started and did a nice job. Nails and Spriggs had a rough go for a stretch there, allowing Fiedler to be pummeled a couple of times, but the combination did a good job.

4. Jason Taylor: The guy is a beast. Don’t just look for sack numbers, look at tackles against the run, forcing the action and tackling or chasing ball carriers downfield.

5. Albert Johnson: He continues to impress on punt and kickoff returns but still is struggling as the fifth wide receiver. Still, he’s working his way onto somebody’s roster by making plays.


1. Special teams: OK, we understand special teams standouts such as Tommy Hendricks, David Bowens and Scott Galyon are out or limited right now. But all the penalties are a bit worrisome. And the blocked punt returned for a touchdown.

2. Penalties: They’re all over the place, and we’re not just talking special teams. Holding, illegal formations, illegal snaps, false starts, a holding penalty that wiped out a fumble recovery. Wow.

3. Turnovers: Fiedler threw three interceptions and almost lost a fumble on a sack. Rookie quarterback Tim Levcik threw an interception.

4. Rushing offense: The Dolphins couldn’t get anything going here. Ricky Williams ended with 17 yards on eight carries.

5. Passing offense: Not so much for the interceptions the quarterbacks threw, but also because Fiedler took quite a pounding.

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