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Supplemental Draft


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Apr 27, 2005
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I never heard of this before last year, so I really have no idea how it works. I'd like to know since we might get Wright, Some1 fill me in.
I think,the order of the draft is picked with a weighted lottery system. Then you bid on certain player like Manuel, if you bid is the highest you get the player but lose the pick for the next draft. Say we offered a 3rd, the jets offered a 4th, and the Pats offered a 3rd. whoever had the best 3rd(based on the lottery) would win the bidding, and then not have a 3rd round pick for the next draft.
KPDolfan424 said:
thats some complicated sh1t i think, are the players they are bidding on undrafted or what? where are they coming from?
I think this is just like a second chance draft for players who were eligible for the last draft but didn't declare. I think in Wright's case its because of academics.
Does anyone have a link to a website with a list of players available in the supplemental draft? And their projected worth?
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